Petroleum Oil & Gas Applications

SUJATA’s PETROPURE Series Activated Carbon is highly effective for the purification of raw materials, intermediates and end products of the oil and gas industry. Our Carbons have high adsorption capacity for a wide array of molecules ranging from odorous compounds to dark colour bodies. It removes unwanted contaminants such as mercury, colours, odours, and sulphur components allowing for the consistent production of high-quality natural gas, oil and petrochemical products

Gas Scrubbers

PETROPURE Series remove degradation products, surfactants, organic acids, pipeline preservatives and other corrosive contaminants from Gas scrubber liquids like amines (e.g., MEA, MDEA, DEA, Benfield solution) and glycol which are used in gas absorption systems for the removal of sour gases (CO2/H2S) and water vapor from natural gas.

Mercury Removal From Natural Gas

Mercury is a trace element that occurs in natural gas. Mercury is harmful to the environment and to processes and transport equipment. Natural gas requires treatment to prevent the negative implications associated with the presence of this substance. Our PETROPURE Activated Carbon Series have high removal efficiency, low pressure drop and high hardness which makes it the superior technology for mercury removal.

Field Condensate Purification

Our PETROPURE Series treatment is used in Gas processors to remove heavier hydrocarbons and other colour bodies (resins and asphaltenes) to meet the NGLs pipeline specifications. This saves gas processors from the high cost of trucking field condensates to alternate pipelines and increases the value of the condensates.

Hydrocarbon Sweetening

The hydrocarbon sweetening process involves the catalytic extraction of mercaptans from refinery products. We have specially developed PETROPURE Series Activated Carbon as catalyst carriers for hydrocarbon sweetening. Due to its large internal surface area, these activated carbon grades have proven to be effective carriers for the catalyst, for conversion of the mercaptans to disulphides.

Steam Condensates

Steam boilers are widely used in the chemical process industry and power plants. SUJATA CARBONS offer PETROPURE Series Activated Carbon with high adsorption and extremely low leachable silica content for the removal of dissolved organic compounds like mineral oil, that otherwise could reduce valuable condensate returns to steam boilers.

Gas And Air Purification

Most manufacturing plants are required to restrict airborne emissions of harmful or odorous components. In addition, contaminants should be removed from industrial process gases to protect catalysts and downstream equipment, and/or to yield a pure intermediate or final gas. SUJATA CARBON’s PETROPURE Series Activated Carbon is especially cost effective in meeting these challenges and removing organic and inorganic impurities at levels up to a few hundred ppm.

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