Food & Beverage Industry

SUJATA CARBONS’ GLUCOPURE Series Activated Carbon is used for removing dissolved organic compounds and controlling odor and taste apart from decolorization.

Glucose Treatment

Glucose and starch solutions like dextrose, fructose is treated for removal of colour and high molecular weight substances which result from the production process. In particular, colour precursors like Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) are known to induce a later re-coloration in the solution. When the main target is elimination of residual colour, chemically Activated Carbons will be chosen. If removal of HMF is intended, steam Activated Carbon will be applied. A desired combination of these properties is possible with our customized product: Glucopure Series of Activated Carbon. The pH value mostly should be kept acidic, and therefore the Activated Carbon should not impact it in the liquid to be treated. Thanks to laboratory tests, SUJATA Carbon can determine which product quality is optimal for the specific application and what dosage will be needed to achieve the desired bleaching.

Sugar Syrups Treatment

The main focus here is the discoloration and purification of liquid sugars obtained for instance from cane sugars, fructose or others saccharides. In addition to colour removal of colors such as melanoidins and caramels, created during processing, GLUCOPURE Series of Activated Carbon also has the capability to remove non-colorant impurities, such as amino acids and polysaccharides. The pH value is adjusted to buffer to neutral as it will avoid the formation of invert sugar.

Lactose and Gelatin Treatment

In the production of lactose, GLUCOPURE Series of Activated Carbon is applied for decolorization (usually measuring at 400 nm) and for the removal of endotoxins (280 nm). The characteristics of the product should be compatible to the pH of the solutions and exhibit the pore structure that will allow ideal removal of the undesired substances.

The use of Activated Carbon for the processing of gelatin works similarly. Here, apart from decolorization, it is necessary to remove flavourings. Due to the discontinuous procedure typically used for this, increasingly powdered Activated Carbons are applied.

Treatment of Soup Spice, Caffeine and Glutamate

The main aspect for the treatment of flavouring agents mostly is the decolorization. The hydrolyzed vegetable proteins are dark starting materials that require the use of chemically activated carbons from GLUCOPURE Series, more cost effective due to the high discoloration capacity.

Wine & Beer Treatment

Preparation of beverages often implies the use of GLUCOPURE Series of Activated Carbon: it can be utilized for dechlorination of the process water used in the bottling plants, to purify the water or to remove unwanted components and impurities, for adjusting taste and colour.
The grade of Activated Carbon will be selected in accordance to the task: chemically Activated Carbon types for decolorization or steam Activated Carbon types for taste and odour regulation.

Fruit Juice Concentrates Treatment

In the fruit juice industry, depending on the quality of the raw products, there are increased amounts of undesired secondary components. This is independent of the primary product used (e.g., apple, lemon, oranges). GLUCOPURE Series of Activated Carbons meet different objectives: Patulin Removal, Colour Adjustment and or Decolorization (For decolorization, it is advantageous to know the predominant colour, to be able to choose the grade of Activated Carbon in the best possible way.)

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